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Make up for younger guests / members of the wedding party

We want our younger guests or members of the wedding party to look their best, butt without laying them in make up that can make them look older nd for much younger guests inappropriate. Below are some tips on applying make up foor younger guests:

Before applying products in full, do a small skin test and leave for 24 hours to see if they have any reaction. Also check with parents/gaurdians for any allergies such as latex.


  • Apply illumintator to dark under eye circles

  • Apply a light foundation using a moistended latex sponge

  • Choose a shade of blusher that matches the skin tone. Atrick for finding exactly where to place the blusher s to ask your guest to smaile exaggeratedly. This will show the cheekbones clearly.


  • Use an eyeliner in a natural earth shade- for day looks very neutral tones work well. Apply from the middle centre to the edge of the eye, this will give a warm look. With an angled brush, blend the line towards the temples, on that same line to emphasise any roots of lashes, apply a tan shadow with the angled brush.

  • Choose a brown mascara


  • Before applying any make up at all, prepare the lips by applying a lip moisturiser. This will soften the lips whilst you carry out the other steps above.

  • For teenage guests a natural lipliner can be used to outline the lips - find a tone very similar to the natural lip colour.

  • Apply moisturising lip colour or clear lip balm for children. Avilable from most high street stores.

  • Avoid excessive gloss, brightness or intensity ofcolour on the lips.

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